V002: Wozzeck; Voices

Non-commercial, VHS (PAL), color, 3:04:35. (Gift of Henk Guittart)

Time Description
0:00 Titles: Faszination Musik. Das Internationale Musiktheater
0:15 Newscaster introduces the performance of Wozzeck at the Vienna Staatsoper under  the direction of Claudio Abbado
1:30 An introduction to the work's story  (first 5 scenes) is accompanied by stills from the opera production.
5:00 Production begins (First scene)
13:15 Second scene
20:00 Third scene
28:00 Fourth scene
35:45 Fifth scene
38:40 End of Act I
39:15 Narrator continues explaining the story
41:20 Performance continues (Sixth scene)
46:50 Seventh scene
56:20 Eighth scene
Ninth scene
1:10:00 Tenth scene
1:14:15 End of Act II
1:15:00 Narrator concludes her explanation of the story
1:17:00 Eleventh scene
1:22:15 Twelfth scene
1:27:25 Thirteenth scene
1:30:30 Fourteenth scene
1:38:00 Fifteenth scene
1:39:50 Conclusion of opera, applause
1:40:20 Schönberg Ensemble, under the direction of Reinbert de Leeuw, performs Voices (1973) by Hans Werner Henze
2:30:40 Intermission, applause
2:34:00 Musicians return
3:04:35 End of tape (runs out before the final song. Performance continues on V003.)


Scene design: Adolf Dresen
Director: Brian Large