I. Largo. Allegro

II. Largo

III. Allegretto grazioso

IV. Hornpipe. Moderato

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DURATION: ca. 21 Min.

PUBLISHER: G. Schirmer (Music Sales Classical)

From the standpoint of composition, I have gone further than Brahms or Mozart in the Handel arrangements. I have not limited myself, as they did, to expunging sequences and uninteresting figure-work and to enriching the texture; insteqad, especially in the third and fourth movements, whose insufficiency with respect to thematic invention and development could satisfy no sincere contemporary of ours, I have acted quite freely and independently, and while empolying what was usable, undertaken an entirely new strudture. I believe that such freedom will be found hardly more disturbing, stylistically, than the cadenzas which modern writers apply to classical concertos. I do not venture much further than tey do in matters of harmony. Nor do I believe that I need yield to them as regards solidity of form and intensification of motival development, and their interrelating.

Arnold Schönberg (1935)


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